Monday, August 08, 2005

What I did this summer

1. Knit

A mini baby boom around these parts has kept me busy. I was especially pleased to have to put aside a beautiful girly sweater for my friends whose doctor is obviously a LIAR. They ended up having a boy and I ended up starting over with a blanket (still not done). Damn! I also made the cutest sweater and hat for another couple that had a boy. I'm also knitting socks since it's too hot to knit anything else.

2. Spent a week at the beach

My boy's parents rent a beach house every year in RI for 3 weeks so we took some time off and spent our days splashing, napping and eating. Yay!

3. Won a contest on ebay - at my favorite seller's site (Jannette). I won a ton of Colinette and some cute needle holders. It was awesome.

4. Did a bit of sewing - One skirt down and a purse pattern has been cut.

5. Preparing to move

This is a biggie - I'm moving to my BF's house and he wants me to live there rent free so I can save up to buy a multifamily just like his - we can have a mini (very mini) real estate empire! I love my apartment but my street is so noisy, I don't think I can take it anymore.

6. Scoping out the fall patterns and yarns

Can't wait to see the new RYC patterns and have been trying to check out the new Rowan mag - the photos online are just too hard to see.

Ordered some of the new Knitpicks yarns - there are about five new yarns that I just saw on their site. I got one ball of each to test knit. A few had cashmere in them and are a bit pricier that the other yarns but still, I bet they're nice.

That's it - pretty boring summer, huh?

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Summer has begun

But I'm already thinking about fall patterns. I just found a preview of a new Noro/Jane Ellison book and it looks kind of cool. I really loved Noro Knits and will most likely buy this as soon as I see it. Hopefully Windsor Button will get these in soon. There are also some new Debbie Bliss things coming out but really her patterns are the same from book to book, what's up with that? I also saw a preview of Fall Phildar, kind of blah but I did just order the 2004 fall and winter issues for myself recently.

Work is boring but my group just won an employee award at our department picnic. We were shocked enough to get the award but we were even more surprised to find out it came with a monetary prize. Hot damn that was sweet! It was a good amount too! Prize = yarn or should I squirrel it away? Must seriously think about that one.

Not much knitting going on, just a pair of socks for myself that I'm kind of messing up but don't really seem to care, I figure all my little errors while fade away once I throw it in the wash. No biggie!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Where's spring?

Not here, that's for sure. It has been crappy pretty much the entire month of May. So depressing! At least it's a 3 day weekend (four for me, I took Tuesday off too). I plan on doing nothing but relaxing, knitting, and watching movies. I may go to the Museum of Fine Arts on Monday since it's free admission all day and a new exhibit opens that I really want to see: the Quilts of Gee's Bend. I'm really excited about it and hope to check it out. I may do a museum, nice lunch, stroll around town day if it's nice (yeah right) out. Oh Boston, you're killing me with this weather!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Things I like - Random list

  • White Chocolate peanut butter yum!
  • Mini sharpies
  • Making S'mores in the toaster oven - not the same as campfire smores but still tasty.
  • Amy Butler fabrics and patterns - I lost an eBay auction today for some fabric and am still angry - damn you last-minute bidders!
  • A good salad. I'm a picky eater and not too crazy about most vegetables but once in a while I'll have a really good salad and have hope that I'll start eating them more often. I had a great salad at Legal Sea Foods - I never go there but someone took me there for lunch recently. Maybe the key is salad with grilled shrimp= good.
  • Lists
  • Fridays

I'm looking forward to this book: Sarah Dallas Knitting - I love it when new knitting books come out!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Oh my!

So I received my Knitpicks order yesterday and I have to say that the new yarns are amazing. I haven't purchased any before, just knit up some swatches from samples that were in the last catalog. Wow! The sock landscape is so soft and the color is great. I was going to knit up a scarf or shawl but it may have to become socks after all. My BF who has no interest in any of my yarn ever, picked it up and pretty much claimed it as his. I think I'll have to get some more soon. Plus the price? I can't wait for more yarn lines to come out, Knitpicks is being so smart with this. I like the other yarns I got - Merino style and Elegance but I haven't had a chance to swatch those yet. I was too busy fondling the sock landscape. Yum!

PS: Way to go WB, have the season finale of Gilmore Girls go over by 1 minute to 9:01 and have my Tivo cut off the end. You suck!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Can't. Stop. Shopping.

In the last three days I have purchased:

I am about to continue this craziness by placing a small order at Knit Happens. What's gotten into me? I NEVER go on yarn binges like this. I think it must be the thrill of recently finishing not one but two sweaters last week. I've finished Eloise and Hail and hope to have photos up soon. They both look pretty good I think. Hail is just too heavy and will have to be put away until at least December but Eloise is perfect for this weather. I still need to sew up Bless, we'll see how long it'll take me to do that.

Through Jannette's ebay site, she gave a hint that Rowan Cork is discontinued - I may have to stock up on that, it's so cozy and squishy. Somebody stop me with the shopping already! Oh, my poor credit card!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

I passed!

I passed my driving test! At the age of 35 I finally have my license. The test was today and was done by a Massachusetts state trooper. It was so scary, my leg literally was shaking when I hit the brakes. I only made a few mistakes, the biggest being not looking over my shoulder when I was going in reverse. All in all I did OK but I was sure I would fail because I was so nervous. Anyway, I feel like I deserve some sort of treat so I may need to buy myself a little gift - hmmm, maybe some yarn? Or, maybe a new ring! I've been eyeing the pretty ones at smallthings and rena tom. I'll have to think this through...