Thursday, July 29, 2004

Ahh, a sick day.

I called in sick today because I've had a sharp pain in my side for 3 days.   I was able to get a doctors  appointment and it might be a viral infection in my stomach lining!  They took some blood tests to see what's up and I have to go back next week.  I hope it's nothing major.  After the appointment I walked around town a bit hoping to see some famous folks.  Boston is crawling with them and I have yet to see anyone.  Today was my last chance and not a sign of Jon Stewart anywhere!!  I know he's here! Why can't I find him? I was too tired to stay out long so I came back home and relaxed.

My knitpicks order finally came and I love the Rowan Plaid designs.  Knitpicks forgot to send me the actual Rebecca magazine, they just sent the insert with the translations so I have no idea what any of the patterns look like.  I called them to complain and they were so nice! Hopefully they'll send the magazine soon.  

God, I'm so boring! 


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