Friday, July 23, 2004

Countdown to the convention

My boss gave me the good news that I can leave at 2:00 everyday next week! Woo hoo! I guess we're closing early so that commuters can get home at a decent hour. I live so close to work that it's not an issue for me but I may take her up on it! (Who am I kidding, I'll be out of here at 2:01 each day!!)

It's so weird watching everyone prepare for this thing. All of the potholes have been paved, there are flowers everywhere, and there are T "ambassadors" that are helping tourists get around. It might have been worth it to have this happen in Boston after all. I really wish I had volunteered to work at the convention - it would have been fun I bet. I really hope I see Ben Affleck, I have to congratulate him on losing J.Lo, I mean she and I are both Puerto Rican and I like her and all, but damn she's high maintenance! He should thank his lucky stars that it ended!

NOTE TO SELF: Never, ever buy one dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts when no one is around at work except you and your sweet tooth. Mmmmm, glazey.


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