Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Do I have the most boring blog ever? I think so.

Swimming went well and I have another lesson today. No one told me how tiring it could be though. We are learning how to breathe and it's really hard. I still have questions about how to kick my feet. I think I was adjusting my goggles and not paying attention when the instructor went over that part.

I was really frustrated last night with my knitting and wanted to scream. I was trying to graft the toe on the second neverending sock (started April 2003) and could not get it AT ALL. I have no idea how I managed to get it done on the first sock but I was ready to throw the entire thing out the window. Now granted I was distracted by the Amazing Race but I really managed to mess it up and had to keep unraveling my mistakes. I'll try again tonight I guess.

Why is it so cool and gloomy out? This summer has been strange. We really haven't had any heatwaves yet which is really odd for Boston. With our luck, it will happen during the DNC and Boston will be really unbearable. I wonder how awful it will be around here. I'm planning on walking to work and not taking the subway - it will be way more crowded than usual. Snore I'm so boring. Do I really need to blog this?


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