Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Eeek, I have the shakes!

While I was waiting for my iced coffee at Starbucks this morning someone that works there made an extra chai latte by mistake, then gave it to me. Not one to pass up a free drink, I drank both and now I'm all hopped up on sugar and caffeine. I need to calm down! Wooooo! Wheee!

I'm impatiently waiting for my Knitpicks order, Rowan Plaid book, Rebecca 26 (I think it's 26) and another row counter. I love ordering online but I hate waiting! It doesn't even look like it shipped - boo! Anyway, I NEED to make Hail from the Plaid book after seeing Rock Chick's version. It's beautiful! Love those sleeves! I think my recent Ebay purchase of Rowan Chunky will be perfect for it - strangely it's almost the same color as Rock Chick's, a deep red. My version will have to be shortened everywhere, I hope I don't lose the look of it!


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