Saturday, July 24, 2004

Rainy Saturday! Yay?

Finally a rainy weekend day! Usually I hate when it's crappy out like this but sometimes you just need a rainy day to stay at home and start/finish some projects. Planned for today:

  • Start retro prep sleeve

  • Start pajama pants (sewn) for S.

  • work a couple of rows (if it isn't too muggy) on the cable hoodie - photo below

This is my first cable/bobble project so I'm going very slowly - it's fun though.

Some friends of mine are supposed to give me a call today if they need my help painting their apartment.  It may not happen because of the humidity but I wouldn't mind going over and helping and leaving my rainy day projects for another day!  Hope everyone is having a good weekend.**

**Now, I'm pretty sure no one has read my blog yet since it's so new and I'm so lame at writing but one can always hope!


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