Thursday, July 15, 2004

Where are my addis?

I'm waiting for some US6 (12 inch) addi turbos that I won on Ebay. I really need to get going on the Retro Prep I started forever ago and need the addis for the sleeves - I really didn't want to use dpns and didn't feel like doing the 2 circ method so I'm trying out the 12 inch needles to see how I like it. They should be here today but I'm tired of waiting.

Since I'm boycotting Woolcott, it really is a pain to get knitting stuff spur of the moment. I would go to the brookline shop (what is it called- a good yarn?) but it's not very convenient. I should check out the new Newbury Street store soon, maybe this weekend.

I signed up for Secret Pal 2 yesterday - I'm so excited, it seems like a lot of fun.


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