Friday, August 20, 2004

Exciting events!

Well, exciting to me at least. First, I just found out that my downstairs neighbor is at the Olympics, competing for the Trinidad/Tobago taekwondo team! How cool is that! He's such a nice guy but very quiet. We had no idea he competed in any sport. So I guess he went to the opening ceremonies in Athens and is back in boston for training. He doesn't compete until next Saturday, the 28th I think. My boyfriend and I will try to watch - it'll be made easier by my second exciting bit of news, I have TIVO!

Everyone that knows me is surprised that I didn't have tivo already since I watch so much tv (sad, I know). Tivo really is great and of course I love it. Just in time for all the fall shows.

I'm now up to the yoke on my retro prep pullover. I'd like to finish this before I start anything new since I just realized that I started this in January. Yup, I brought it with me to Jury Duty and that was definitely in January. I am getting twitchy to start something new and the shawl from my Secret Pal is mocking me and asking me to knit it RIGHT NOW. Stop mocking me pretty yarn! Damn you!


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