Wednesday, August 11, 2004

I needed that vacation

I mean, REALLY needed it. We did nothing but sit on the beach, swim in the ocean, eat and nap. It was perfect! The weather was beyond perfect and Narragansett, RI is beautiful. I still have the remnants of a cold but all was forgotten when I was sitting on my beach chair.

I wonder if my secret pal has received her package - I mailed it last week and according to the post office, it was delivered yesterday. Hmmm, I guess I won't know unless she e-mails me. I hate the suspense, it just kills me!

I did get some nice email postcards from my secret pal (hi Secret pal!) and am trying very hard not to try to figure out who it is. Does he/she have a blog? Have I read it? So many questions! This is fun though and I'm glad I joined.

I managed to finish one retro prep sleeve and have started the other. I'm all of a sudden not too crazy about the rowanspun dk - it seems a little rough. Maybe a nice wash will soften it up once it's done. I hope I'm done soon - I really want to start something new.


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