Saturday, September 04, 2004

Something new?

I keep seeing other knit bloggers working on these crewel kits. I'm intrigued. The Ruby shoot and Love loops kits are especially cute. They look like a lot of fun. I've also considered getting one of the Sublime stitching kits (love those veggies!). I don't have any idea whether I'd be good at doing this or whether I'd even like it but I may have to try someday.

My beautiful ebay yarn is here! I love it and am excited by how beautiful the colors are. I must FINISH THE RETRO PREP before I start anything else. Sorry had to yell at myself for a moment. Gosh, I want to start my shawl soon too. I don't plan on jumping on the poncho bandwagon (I'm actually a little sick of them, don't hate me for saying that!) but I can't wait to start the shawl. I see this as a spring shawl (since it'll probably take me until then, if not longer, to finish it up. Man, I say it all the time to my BF and coworkers but knitting is really fun!


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