Friday, September 17, 2004

Thanks Secret pal!

I love my gifts from my secret pal. Here are some VERY bad photos of what I received. You can see part of my retro prep blocking underneath.


If you can't tell from the terrible photos, I received a great scarf pattern for a Koigu scarf and a really pretty skein of Koigu to make it with. Of course my shitty pictures aren't even close to showing you the awesome color of the yarn. I tried to take better photos this morning but my Palm camera is just not meant for real photos.

There are also some really pretty stitch markers which I love and need. A pot of Kiehl's lip balm - my favorite - and a cute box of chocolate. I plan on trying the chocolate today (as soon as I get home). Thanks Secret Pal! I love everything you sent!

Knitting News: Retro prep is done and blocking and I've started Bless from the Rowan Cork book and am also going to start either my shawl (first gift) or scarf pattern that my secret pal sent.

My only real plan for the weekend is to get some fall clothes for myself. I hate everything I own and need new pants, shoes etc. Wish me luck, I'm really unlucky at finding things I like.


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