Thursday, October 14, 2004

Quickie post

I have been meaning to post for days but I've been hoping to have photos to go along with my post. Alas, it's not meant to be so I'll post sans photos. I'm making some knitting progress for once! I have the back of my Cork Bless all done and am working on the sleeves (both at once, we'll see how that goes). I'm halfway done with the Koigu scarf using the yarn and pattern from my secret pal (thanks again!). I love it and may have to give it my BF's stepmom since she was raving about it (well, maybe I'll make her a different one and keep this one for me!) I love the Koigu colors, they are beautiful!

I've also finished some other crafty projects I've meant to finish for a while. I spray painted some plastic school chairs that I found on the street. I used Krylon Fusion and it's amazing. The chairs look new and I got the paint on sale for 2.79 a can (I had 3 chairs and painted each a different color).

I also slipcovered an old ottoman some friends were throwing away. It looks OK but you can tell I'm still new at sewing, it looks a little off but I like it and I'm leaving it as is for now. The funniest part about the ottoman is that as soon as I finished it, I mean literally put in the last tack to hold it place, Victoria (my lovely kitty) threw up on it! I was so annoyed at her for like an hour but I should have known she would immediately claim it as her own. Silly kitty! She's luck I love her so much. I had to take the entire thing apart and wash the fabric AND use new batting. I'll try to post some pics of everything soon.

I'm going to start Eloise from Noro Knits in Blossom (shade #8) - Wendy is knitting it right now and it's making me want to put all my projects aside and start it immediately. We'll see how long I can hold out. I also really want to start my Rowan Plaid sweater. I think all of the debates really made me knit more. Too bad they're over, I enjoyed listening to W stutter and stumble, his discomfort made me happy!


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