Monday, October 04, 2004

Return to the city

We spent a nice few days with the boy's relatives in NH. We had great weather and it was beautiful. Now, I'm a city girl through and through but sometimes it's nice to get away from the noise and craziness of Boston/cambridge. We walked in the woods, ate lots of good food and relaxed. I didn't knit very much, literally I think I knit one row this past week. I tried to keep an eye out for yarn stores in the area but had no luck and didn't really research whether there were any close to where we were staying.

Now that it's really fall, I will be returning to my projects with a vengeance. I hope to start to new projects this week and keep going on two others. I'll try to post some photos soon. Photos=more interesting blog.

Hey, the new IK newsletter is up (Winter '04). I don't see anything too exciting - the Airy cardigan looks like it may be cute as do the retro rib socks. Maybe the Tilted Jacket? I wish the photos were bigger.


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