Friday, October 15, 2004

Thanks again Secret Pal!

Yesterday I received a package from my secret pal after a particularly crappy day at work. It was exactly what I needed! I love (again!) everything she sent me. First, a beautiful skein of Himalaya yarn, a combo of wool and silk in the prettiest red ever! The photo doesn't even really come close to showing it's beauty. I took this photo really quickly this morning - I was already a half hour late for work.

I didn't get a chance to take photos of the rest of my gift, a tin of knitter's little helper (a really nice smelling hand balm) - I really needed it too, as soon as it gets cold my hands get super dry and cracked. There was also a jar of saffron! It's great and I can't wait to use it - fall and winter are pretty much my big cooking times and I love to try new things. I've never bought saffron and have always wanted to. How did you know SP? There were also some Jelly belly packets (gone now, I ate them immediately) and some Brooklyn brand chewing gum. As a brooklyn girl, of course I love anything with my borough printed on it. I must save the wrappers and do something crafty with them. I'll check out craftster later and see if there are any ideas out there. Thank you Secret Pal! You're the best!

Here are some photos of my new chairs (well, one of them):

Before painting

Here is a parting shot of my girl:
She says "Have a good weekend"


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