Monday, March 21, 2005

Spring has not sprung...yet

After a long winter, I've decided to emerge from my cave. I really dislike January and February weather, it causes great grumpiness in me. March hasn't been too terrible so far and I'm glad that each day gets a little warmer and brighter.

After a good run of knitting in December and January, things kind of petered out. I have quite a large finishing pile but am not motivated to do any of it since the sweaters (Hail from Rowan Plaid and Bless in Rowan Cork) are just screaming winter and I want to succumb to spring knitting. So, I wait. I look at the finishing pile then turn my nose up at it. I look through spring pattern books and catalogs with great interest. I feel the need to finish at least one winter item (I do have Eloise,from Noro Knits, to work on - and it doesn't feel too wintery) before I start a spring summer project, I really should just plan on that.

Hi Susan! I've been reading your blog and love all of your projects! How do you get so much done?

I hope to update this page on a regular basis now that I'm starting to get over the winter blahs.