Thursday, April 28, 2005

I passed!

I passed my driving test! At the age of 35 I finally have my license. The test was today and was done by a Massachusetts state trooper. It was so scary, my leg literally was shaking when I hit the brakes. I only made a few mistakes, the biggest being not looking over my shoulder when I was going in reverse. All in all I did OK but I was sure I would fail because I was so nervous. Anyway, I feel like I deserve some sort of treat so I may need to buy myself a little gift - hmmm, maybe some yarn? Or, maybe a new ring! I've been eyeing the pretty ones at smallthings and rena tom. I'll have to think this through...


  • Congratulations!!!!! Now you can drive to LYS anytime you wish! You deserve to get yourself a nice gift! Small Things and Rena Tom sure have beautiful jewelry designs! Go for it!!!!

    By Blogger Susan, at 12:44 PM  

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