Thursday, May 12, 2005

Can't. Stop. Shopping.

In the last three days I have purchased:

I am about to continue this craziness by placing a small order at Knit Happens. What's gotten into me? I NEVER go on yarn binges like this. I think it must be the thrill of recently finishing not one but two sweaters last week. I've finished Eloise and Hail and hope to have photos up soon. They both look pretty good I think. Hail is just too heavy and will have to be put away until at least December but Eloise is perfect for this weather. I still need to sew up Bless, we'll see how long it'll take me to do that.

Through Jannette's ebay site, she gave a hint that Rowan Cork is discontinued - I may have to stock up on that, it's so cozy and squishy. Somebody stop me with the shopping already! Oh, my poor credit card!


  • I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your sweaters. I know how you feel about the yarn shopping sprees... I've purchased more recently than I can "hide" ;-) or use up. The DH is getting a scowl on his face. Must start something for him next, hehe.

    By Blogger Rhonda, at 11:26 AM  

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