Friday, May 20, 2005

Things I like - Random list

  • White Chocolate peanut butter yum!
  • Mini sharpies
  • Making S'mores in the toaster oven - not the same as campfire smores but still tasty.
  • Amy Butler fabrics and patterns - I lost an eBay auction today for some fabric and am still angry - damn you last-minute bidders!
  • A good salad. I'm a picky eater and not too crazy about most vegetables but once in a while I'll have a really good salad and have hope that I'll start eating them more often. I had a great salad at Legal Sea Foods - I never go there but someone took me there for lunch recently. Maybe the key is salad with grilled shrimp= good.
  • Lists
  • Fridays

I'm looking forward to this book: Sarah Dallas Knitting - I love it when new knitting books come out!


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