Thursday, June 23, 2005

Summer has begun

But I'm already thinking about fall patterns. I just found a preview of a new Noro/Jane Ellison book and it looks kind of cool. I really loved Noro Knits and will most likely buy this as soon as I see it. Hopefully Windsor Button will get these in soon. There are also some new Debbie Bliss things coming out but really her patterns are the same from book to book, what's up with that? I also saw a preview of Fall Phildar, kind of blah but I did just order the 2004 fall and winter issues for myself recently.

Work is boring but my group just won an employee award at our department picnic. We were shocked enough to get the award but we were even more surprised to find out it came with a monetary prize. Hot damn that was sweet! It was a good amount too! Prize = yarn or should I squirrel it away? Must seriously think about that one.

Not much knitting going on, just a pair of socks for myself that I'm kind of messing up but don't really seem to care, I figure all my little errors while fade away once I throw it in the wash. No biggie!


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