Monday, August 08, 2005

What I did this summer

1. Knit

A mini baby boom around these parts has kept me busy. I was especially pleased to have to put aside a beautiful girly sweater for my friends whose doctor is obviously a LIAR. They ended up having a boy and I ended up starting over with a blanket (still not done). Damn! I also made the cutest sweater and hat for another couple that had a boy. I'm also knitting socks since it's too hot to knit anything else.

2. Spent a week at the beach

My boy's parents rent a beach house every year in RI for 3 weeks so we took some time off and spent our days splashing, napping and eating. Yay!

3. Won a contest on ebay - at my favorite seller's site (Jannette). I won a ton of Colinette and some cute needle holders. It was awesome.

4. Did a bit of sewing - One skirt down and a purse pattern has been cut.

5. Preparing to move

This is a biggie - I'm moving to my BF's house and he wants me to live there rent free so I can save up to buy a multifamily just like his - we can have a mini (very mini) real estate empire! I love my apartment but my street is so noisy, I don't think I can take it anymore.

6. Scoping out the fall patterns and yarns

Can't wait to see the new RYC patterns and have been trying to check out the new Rowan mag - the photos online are just too hard to see.

Ordered some of the new Knitpicks yarns - there are about five new yarns that I just saw on their site. I got one ball of each to test knit. A few had cashmere in them and are a bit pricier that the other yarns but still, I bet they're nice.

That's it - pretty boring summer, huh?